Palace of the Inquisition

The Historical Museum of Cartagena de Indias was founded in 1924. It is now a cultural center dedicated to show locals and visitors the history of the city, the preservation of local memory and heritage management in their custody from the areas of conservation research and outreach.

The Museum works in the Palace of the Inquisition, located opposite the Plaza de Bolivar, and is a house built in the eighteenth century to the functioning of the Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition, an essential feature that makes it one of the most important local urban landmarks .

It was recently restored with full recovery of their original values, among which stands out the stunning masterpiece of his woodwork developed in its gates, balconies, roofs and windows. Therefore this monument is the more important issue of the civil architecture of Cartagena where all the ancient influences of Southern Spain with the popular view of our builders were melted. It is one of the more tangible results of this unique meeting of three cultures in America.
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