The walls were designed in order to protect the Cartagena suffering ongoing attacks . Its construction was carried out in stages , beginning in 1586 Bautista Antonelli, an Italian engineer in the service of the Spanish Crown. Then came in 1608 Cristóbal de Roda , who fortify most of the part of town with sea abierto.De 1631-1633 would behoove the turn of Francisco de Murga fortifying whole neighborhood of Gethsemane.

In 1669 Juan Betín alingeniero touched the task of repairing the walls destroyed by the sea in 1669. The walls were subjected to continuous attacks by the sea and a recent attack Baron Pointis again to Don Juan de Herrera and Sotomayor restart repairs. The Viceroy of Villalonga orders Herrera build submarines drawers form a breakwater off the walls destroyed in 1721. Another breakwater would be built on the route between Punta Icacos (near the current Hotel Caribe) and Tierrabomba by Antonio Arevalo , more renowned engineer who worked in the city. In 1796 the construction of the city center would be completed.
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