Glory Ang Atelier

Tucked in the historical centre is Glory Ang Atelier a beautiful boutique which needs to be on every Cartagena bucket list. Owned by the charming and well known ‘cartagenera’ designer Gloria Angulo who’s feminine creations are the epitome for casual luxury with a bohemian touch. Gloria is inspired by the elegant, feminine and stylish woman seeking daring designs and exceptional quality a gem for international fashionistas!

Glory Ang Concept

Casual Luxury is this well - known “cartagenera” designer's signature. She is inspired by the type of woman who is elegant, feminine and stylish and who appreciates quality and original design. SImple cuts, lots of color and the combination of precious fabrics with vintage charm are what distinguish the classic brand - an international symbol of being well - dressed. Glory Ang Atelier symbolizes creativity, exquisiteness and daring designs in good style. The most a dedicated followers of fashion will be contented by the precision of form, the finesse and delicacy of the finishes and exceptional quality.
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