Sofitel Legend Santa Clara

The traditional choice for luxury travelers over the past ten years, the Santa Clara is a member of the Sofitel chain. Formerly a monastery, the Hotel achieves a combination of local warmth and French luxury at your service. Its location in the traditional barrio of San Diego within the walled city makes for vibrant and entertaining nights.

Upon entering the Santa Clara, you find the Claustro, a traditional Colonial garden. It frames the former chapel and current bar, El Coro, and La Sacristía, the hall used for weddings and special events. Located atop the hotel, you will find the swimming pool. One of the largest within the walled city, it overlooks the ocean, offering a perfect vantage point to contemplate the sunsets and city wall.

This building, originating as a convent in 1621, contains the history of the colony in every detail while mixing colonial architecture with modern comfort, making it an ideal place to stay during a visit to Cartagena.
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