Los Pollitos

As a home place to celebrate chicken and other traditional Colombian home recipes, was born Los Pollitos; a place where food is prepared as it was before, healthy but tasty, well done, taking time, and good ingredients.

Their specialty is grilled and broaster chicken, the menu includes various traditional Colombian dishes; ajiaco, mojarra, bandeja paisa, among others, everything is prepared to order. It is a space to share with family or friends since there is something for everyone. They use authentic broaster machines to fry chicken; it comes out tender, juicy and crunchy. Food is think of to be healthy and simple.

For Los Pollitos, the food we grew up with will never be forgotten; chicken is a food that brings happy memories, that everyone likes and can always be repeated.

You can try something new everyday, there are different specialties everyday with their own special offers and wide menus. Besides, everyday you can enjoy a happy hour in wings, sides, entrees, and alcoholic beverages.

In this casual restaurant you can feel at home, enjoy a wide menu, and taste and share dishes with very good company. If you come visit Los Pollitos you will leave happy and wishing you could go back.

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