Crepes & waffles

Crepes and Waffles is where food is transformed into love and joy, where the soul and body are nourished, palates captivated and hearts conquered.

This restaurant has a casual but elegant atmosphere, it offers an unparalleled international food menu, where the client has the option of choosing between a variety of cold and warm entrees, main dishes where meats, seafood and fresh vegetables are the main character in a different culinary concept and the best option to sweeten the palate through a combination of a thousand flavors offered in the best desserts and ice creams. Crepes and waffles will always be producing naturally, handcraft working and pleasing in a healthy way.


Centro Histórico, Calle Baloco Edificio Piñeres L-01 Teléfono 57 +5 6646062

Centro comercial Caribe Plaza CL 29D No. 22-108 Teléfono 57 +5 6720874

Centro Comercial Mall Plaza, Local 203 - 204 Teléfono 57 +5 6934028

Plaza Bocagrande Teléfono 57 +5 6708572

Calle San Pedro Claver con esquino Calle de la Amargura Teléfono 57 + 5 6604291

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