Harvey Restaurant

Locals and tourist enjoy Harvey, and they have every reason to, because if you are looking for a true exponent of Colombian food, because of its taste and quality, Harvey is a highly recommended place for you.

Their diverse and delighting menu satisfies the most demanding palates. Each plate that is prepared there comes with the true Colombian flavor, each recipe and each ingredient is a true reflection of our culture.

Harvey has been in the market for 36 years, they are recognized for being the creators of the “mazorca desgranada” - you will fall in love with this dish – besides, it offers hamburgers, grill, ajiaco, mote de queso, sancocho de costilla, canastas de patacon with shrimp, salads and refreshing natural juices. Their plates are fresh, because Harvey buys and prepares daily and picks the best ingredients.

Harvey is a perfect restaurant for a delicious and traditional lunch, cocktails in the afternoon, dinner or midnight cravings, ideal for young or executive people. And of course, they have high quality gourmet dishes, seafood, traditional dishes from Cartagena or Colombia, or Caribbean traditional “fast food.” In the heart of Bocagrande, where Harvey is located, stop and ask for one of their 360 irresistible plates and their diverse drink menu.

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Excessive alcohol is harmful to health. It's prohibited to sell alcoholic beverages to minors.

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