Bazurto Social Club

Located within the quaint historic neighborhood of Getsemaní, in the heart of Cartagena de Indias, Bazurto Social Club is a locals' place that warmly welcomes outsiders into its vibrant and exciting environment. Named after the central market of the city, this restaurant and bar exalts the wealth of the local popular culture. Once you step foot into the Club, the charisma, joy, and creativity of Cartageneros is immediately felt.

The character of their kitchen stems from the authenticity of his recipes, where the typical flavors of the city are mixed with bold accents and original ingredients. Similarly, the bar features the exotic flavors of local tropical fruit juices fused with spirits of the world. With a nightly selection of the most evocative Caribbean music, the atmosphere is charged with passion and excitement.

With live music on many nights, especially the weekends, this is also one of the best places in the city for a night out on the town. If you are looking to mix it up with hip locals or an immersion in local night culture, this is a can't-miss.
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Excessive alcohol is harmful to health. It's prohibited to sell alcoholic beverages to minors.

In development of the provisions of Article 17 of Law 679 of 2001, tourists are warned that the exploitation and sexual abuse of minors in the country are penalized and administratively sanctioned, in accordance with the laws in force.