42 Edition of the Bolivarian Accordion Festival

This Bolivarian municipality will dress, once again, to party with the joyful notes of the accordion, the scratching of the guacharacas, the ringing of the box and the dry blow of the tumbadora, typical instruments of this event that unites schools and music seedbeds vallenata and sabanera.

Elías Chamorro Ramos, president of the Bolivarian Accordion Festival Corporation, expressed his approval for the strategic alliance of these three entities, for the sake of folklore and culture of this part of the Caribbean region

"I extend a cordial invitation to the Arjonera community, my countrymen to accompany us to celebrate this version of the Bolivarian Accordion festival. For us it is very significant the support and accompaniment of the Departmental Administration of ICULTUR and the City Hall, because working as a team we will achieve a greater impact and transcendence. We are very safe and we know that this will be a good festival. We look forward to Bolivarenses and people from other cities and countries with open arms, "said Chamorro.

For its part, the mayor of Arjona, Esther María Jalilie García, ratified their support and commitment to continue working to strengthen the Bolivarian Accordion Festival, a favorable scenario for children, youth and adults to show all their musical talent.

"These spaces allow our new generation of artists and professionals to demonstrate their sense of belonging by our traditions and cultural roots, which is why both the Festival and the Corporation that organizes it and all the participants, They will have full support from the Municipal Administration. To the governor, Dumek Turbay Paz and the director of ICULTUR, Lucy Espinosa Díaz, also my thanks because thanks to your support we keep alive our musical and cultural essence, "said the President.

For this year a tribute will be paid to the artist, Otto Serge Guzmán, one of the great romantic voices of the music of Acordeón, born in the municipality of Guamo-Bolívar.

"Paying homage to a great Bolivarian artist, the government of Bolívar and the Institute of Culture and Tourism, ICULTUR, is linked and, as always, supports events where the cultural and musical tradition of Bolívar is exalted, as is the 42nd version of the Bolivarian Accordion Festival, which is part of our Festive Route. The invitation is to enjoy the scheduled agenda and the tourist and gastronomic attractions that the municipality of Arjona has. This November 29, we are waiting for all the Bolivarenses and other people in this beautiful town of the Department, "said Icultur's Director General, Lucy Espinosa Díaz.

"That's right, the accordion means integration, airs of hope and new seedbeds of musicians projected to carry that sense of belonging by the traditional music and the sounds that make Bolívar great. We hope the participation of the Bolivarenses in this event where cultural and tourist aspects converge, where the quality of their people awaits them with open arms and also their gastronomy. The festival starts with the inaugural folkloric parade of the "maestranza", in which different folk groups and troupes from Arjona, townships and neighboring municipalities participate, so what better way to enjoy the tourist season than with cultural parade, accordion music and corn bun, representative product of this municipality, "said the governor of Bolivar, Dumek Turbay Paz.
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