Streetfood in Cartagena

If you are in Cartagena you need to have your appetite and adventurous attitude active to go out and taste the food of Cartagena. Whether you're looking for something quick or a real meal, a healthy snack or a sweet dessert, the streets of Cartagena provide that for you! Definitely in Cartagena de Indias one of the best ways to understand culture, and real life, is through the food. Look at these options, relax and let the street locals fill your belly while they also warm your heart.

Arepa e' huevo An icon of Cartagena, circular, golden, fried twice, made out of cornmeal, full of egg and meat. It may sound weird, but you have to try.

Mango biche Salt, lemon and pepper. My mouth is watering just by writing this. It is the favorite craving for pregnant women. Now you know it. & quot ; Bollos These rolls wrapped in leaves are similar to a Mexican tamal and are steamed from cornmeal, bananas, cassava, coconut, or any other type of dough inside a bijao leaf. They are usually accompanied with pieces of local cheese: queso costeño.

Papa Rellena They are balls of potatoes cooked with meat, onion and spices seasoned all together, fried until they are crispy.

Kibbeh This is a legacy of Arab immigration to Cartagena. It is made of wheat, finely ground beef, onions and spices.

Pescao ' "Pesca'o ¡Pesca'o!" Men shout through the streets of Cartagena de Indias with pots on their heads, offering a piece of fried salted fish accompanied by steamed salted yuca wrapped in a piece of brown paper. .

Shrimp cocktail The corners, plazas, streets and beaches of Cartagena are full of a mixture of shrimp, onion, tomato, mayonnaise, lots of garlic, and spicy. It is a delight.

Cocadas Pay attention to the ladies in beautiful colorful dresses, who wear turbans on their heads. The bowls they have in the head are to transport a variety of traditional sweets such as cocadas, enyucado, tamarind balls and alegrias." Patacones The plantains are fried twice, they are submerged in salt water, garlic and crunchy, they end up with a golden color, to taste with cheese, meat, salad, sauces or simply alone, because even by themselves are very good.

Raspao ' The Cartagena version of the snowcone, Raspaó is shaved ice covered with syrup of popular flavors, the flavors include lemon, tamarind and Kola Román.

Go for a walk through the streets of Cartagena de Indias, and take their flavors to the palate and the heart.
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