The perfect plan while in Manga

I go out for a walk around the city at 5:30 in the afternoon, when the sun is saying goodbye to this side of the world. I start at the Bay in Manga that has a spectacular walking path, where kids, young people and seniors exercise, read, eat ice cream or just go out to have a good time with their pets. When I get to one of the ends of the path, I am looking at a coral stone fort and I notice that from a small door fancy cars are going in as if we were talking about a cargo ship for cars. As I get closer I can see its name “Fuerte San Sebastian de Pastelillo.”

Pastelillo replaced the first fort build in Cartagena, the Boqueron, that was destroyed because of one of the constant attacks to the city. The Viceroy Don Sebastian de Eslava noticed that the city was unprotected because of the destruction of the Boqueron and order the immediate construction of the Pastelillo fort.

This fort is magnificent, coming to this place to see the sunset is a privilege to those who can and that are spending a couple of days in Cartagena. The last orange sun rays have an exalted appearance that goes perfectly with the sailing boats that are set. A lot of people are used to spend a lot of time sitting in the stones that once were used to watch for English attacks.

Today, el Pastelillo has a wide parking lot for visitors and in its heart is one of the most exclusive restaurants of Cartagena de Indias. Besides, the place that had over 30 cannons to protect the city is a space commonly used for events like weddings or graduation parties. The sky illuminates with all colors at this point because of the rain and fireworks, a show that is possible to enjoy in the surrounding parks.

Right by this fort is a port used for sailing boats, and luxurious boats. Parents often come with their children to enjoy a pleasant afternoon, while lovely couples enjoy a unique place in Cartagena de Indias. If you are in the city, do not hesitate to come visit this magical site where you are going to want to have ton of pictures.
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