The natural beauty of the Oasis Port of Cartagena

“Natural beauty that passengers and crew members enjoy”

This time I have the privilege to arrive to Cartagena in a cruise that anchors at Sociedad Portuaria de Cartagena, welcoming us with the sound of drums, and allowing us to appreciate the Oasis Port, natural beauty that passengers and crew members enjoy.

I am welcomed by the Capi macaw, with its open plumage and resounding song, the pink flamencos pose and hide one of their legs, while the peacocks make everyone fall in love with them because of their beauty. This space has over 700 animals from 74 species, it is an incredible showing of Colombia’s fauna and flora, being Colombia a country with a magnificent biodiversity.

The howler and titi monkeys jump from branch to branch as if they were trying to play with me as I walk to the other birds. In one of the cages, a falcon inspires respect, in the other cage there are exotic birds like toucans, and the pellar teru teru. At the end, macaws of all colors, blue and red, yellow and blue, green and orange… these birds are fighting between them to call everyone’s attention, and they do! Because many visitors put them in their shoulders. This space is created for the preservation and reproduction of some animals. Not so long ago, a flamenco was born watched by the workers of the place. The blue paujil piqui, the toche pico de plata, the blue-gray tanagers, and many other birds compliment the Oasis Port exhibition.

After appreciating the waterfall and admiring the charming black swans, I keep walking straight wanting to try a typical Colombian coffee, delicious! Then I walk into the replica of a Colombian mine that shelters 24 emeralds, unique in the world.

In this bird sanctuary, I was surprised by the deers, icons of the Port of Cartagena, and I decided to walk past the anteaters to respect their nap time. As I was going through the first cage, Mercedes approaches, she is a cockatoo that has that name because Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ wife – whose name is Mercedes – visited the sanctuary the day the cockatoo was born.
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