El Cabrero, one of the most traditional neighborhoods in Cartagena

Hotels, colonial houses, and modern buildings, go along with the unrivaled tranquility that can be found in one of the most traditional and exclusive neighborhoods of the city, El Cabrero.

The waves of the Caribbean sea sound from the sea wall in Las Tenazas and refresh the come about of the days in this places. It is because of its closeness to the beaches that this neighborhood is one of the favorite places to invest in or as lodging for foreign visitors that stay to appreciate the beauty of “La Heroica.”

Here, you can see one of the first houses that was built in this neighborhood and with a privileged view to the walls in downtown. In that house lived the former Colombian president from Cartagena, Rafael Nuñez. Today, the mansion where he spent his last years and eventually died, is a museum – called Rafael Nuñez – open to the public and has many of his possessions from the time that were stored and kept so locals and foreign visitors can enjoy.

One of the symbols of El Cabrero is Parque Apolo, opened in 1994. It is common to see people walking, students waiting for their buses to go to school or people resting in the green areas because of the peaceful environment, and pets that enjoy the almond smell and many times you can see police presence there.

The park has an emblematic monument composed of 9 busts that represent important people in Colombia’s history. Benkos Biohó, general Juan José Nieto and Miguel Antonio Caro are one of the admired figures by those who visit the monument.

It also has a small church called “La ermita del Cabrero,” it is located inside the park and was built by the former president and his wife, Soledad Roman because of the critics that the woman had at the time. It is a church that, despite its small size, welcomes all worshipers so they can get involved at mass.

A pedestrian path, with view to the Cabrero lagoon is a common place to run away from all the worries while appreciating the waters. People often go to exercise, so if you like exercising this an ideal place to burn some calories while the mangroves lungs help you recover your breath in every step.

Do not hesitate to visit El Cabrero, a place with history, magic and without a doubt an attractive place when visiting Cartagena.
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