The charm of the Pedestrian Path of Manga

In search of following my healthy lifestyle in this city I arrive at the Pedestrian Path of Manga and discovered the stunning bay with its dreamy landscapes.

My walk started at 5:00 p.m. at the San Sebastián del Pastellilo Fort, the angular plant fortification that was built to defend the flanks of the bay was built in 1741 with coral stone and brick ashlar, entrance is open to the public at no cost. This protects the famed Club de Pesca.

Five minutes later I become a walker and a faithful admirer of such beauty. There are more than 1,100 linear meters of ecological path, between Avenida Miramar and its imposing buildings, on the left; the bay of Manga, on the right, and the portico cranes of the Port of Cartagena, at the end, which is further embellished with the dozens of sailboats, among others boats that anchor in the sea, forming a lovely panorama.  Bahía de Manga Cartagena I stop at the first group of outdoor biohealthy machines and I decide to exercise without looking away from the Bay. The strong breeze at 5:20 in the afternoon makes you enjoy and appreciate the journey more. Landscaping, among trees and small plants, the path, young people in bicycles, teenagers exercising in the plazas, children on roller skates, elderly people walking and many, but many people with their pets, all enjoying this striking path of the renowned Manga district. Some choose to find space for reading because the tranquility and security of the place lends itself to read a complete book.  Bahía de Manga Cartagena From its piers or viewpoints of recycled plastic, five in total, I contemplate the landscape better and I stop at all of them to take pictures and videos. At this time the docks are filled with gentlemen who arrive with fishing rods, people disembarking from boats or sailboats and returning after a walk through the Islas del Rosario. Couples in love meet in this beautiful place and groups of friends gather for a picnic or just to chat.

Exercising, recreating or sitting down to read a book in the Pedestrian Path of the Manga Bay of Cartagena de Indias is not only pleasant, it is also a very good tourist experience and even better if you wait until the sun sets. Recommended. Manga Bay Cartagena
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