Cartagena Aviary Launches new Shuttle Service from Cartagena

March 11, 2019

The Colombian Aviary (Aviario Nacional de Colombia) has launched a daily shuttle service from Cartagena to Baru making a visit to the Aviary dramatically easier and more inexpensive.  The new shuttle service leaves Cartagena every morning between 9 and 9:45 am from the Santa Clara Hotel, Olympia Supermarket in Boca Grande, the Cartagena Convention Center in Getsemani and from Castilo San Felipe.  After stopping at the Aviary.

The Aviary Shuttle returns every afternoon from the Aviary at 3:00.  You can book online at the Aviary web site: Or book online with Jetsemani:

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Hotel Santa Clara 9:00 AM
Supermercado Olímpica Avenida Sucre 9:15 AM
Cartagena Convention Center 9:30 AM
Castillo San Felipe (Carrera 11 & Carrera 17) 9:45 AM
Aviario Nacional 10:30 AM
Depart Aviario 12:00 PM
Returning to Cartagena
Depart Aviario Nacional 3:00 PM
Castillo San Felipe (Carrera 11 & Carrera 17) 4:00 PM
Cartagena Convention Center 4:15 PM
Supermercado Olímpica Avenida Sucre 4:30 PM
Hotel Santa Clara 4:45 PM
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