The Best 6 plans to enjoy with your family

Cartagena de Indias has to offer many plans that suit all tastes, and allow you to enjoy quality time with your family. We propose 6 activities where your kids are the main character.

Explore the Vivarium

Feed the alligators, turtles, ducks, get to know the characteristics of the crocodiles, touch a piton snake, and listen to the evolution of life through the animals, are experiences to live with your family and that you can find in Cartagena. For all of those who love eco-tourism, located in Km 15, in the via Pontezuela-Bayunca, you can find Vivarium. It is the building of a new touristic plan of the city and the only theme park in Colombia focused in amphibians and reptiles. A tour around about two hectares where you can interact with animals and with nature. It is ideal for you to wear tennis, comfortable and fresh clothes so you can get immerse in this unforgettable experience that has three components: education, recreation and conservation.


Since it is a sport that allows people from all ages to interact, bowling has become an ideal plan to spend a fun afternoon with your family. With 12 bowling lanes, kids and grown ups can show their abilities by scoring strikes. The only bowling place in the city is located in the second floor of Centro Comercial San Felipe. Besides being a fun thing to do, it is a stress-free plan, tones your muscles and better your reflects.

Organize a picnic

A different way of enjoying an afternoon with your family is by having a picnic, and Cartagena has the perfect settings for that. There are a couple of parks that are amazing for picnics: parque Lineal Malecon de Crespo, La Marina, Espiritu del Manglar, and Paseo Peatonal de Manga. In these spaces you can enjoy an ideal outdoors plan with the sounds of the sea, the bay, the wind, and the beautiful views that nature has to offer. Tip: take comfortable clothes and shoes and start after 6 pm. The perfect food must be simple, but tasty and easy to carry around. Do not forget to leave the place clean. There is nothing like to live new adventures.

Go to the movies

Going to the movies is one of the best family plans, and in Cartagena there are a lot of movie theaters. There is a movie theater in almost every mall in Cartagena and each one of them has interesting movies. Keep up to date with the premiere of movies for kids and comedies for everyone. Without a doubt, the perfect excuse to enjoy with your family and besides, you can never go wrong with a plan to the movies since the little ones love it.

Enjoy a sunny day

The weekend allows many people to enjoy, have quality family time, and get off the routine. It is because of that that a day at the beach or spending the day at a hotel that has a pool, are activities that enforce family bonds. Cartagena offers calm places and beautiful and sunny beaches that can be the perfect place to enjoy a traditional lunch in La Boquilla, Manzanillo del Mar, Blas de Leso, Bocagrande, Castillogrande and El Laguito. Be aware that there are some restricted areas because of the strong currents, some beaches can be closed. In the island zone you can admire the exuberant landscapes, swim, surf, scuba dive, and build white sand castles.

Visit the malls

A typical plan, but still as interesting as the other family activities, is going to the malls. Their recreation areas, food courts and play areas allow you and your family to have a great time during the day or at night. All of them open at 10 am.

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